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Zilco Nz Ltd

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Everyday in almost everyway we benefit from Zilco products. We are so lucky that we have Zilco support to help care for our horses and produce them to the highest standards. 


We hope you find the following useful, its a brief summery of some of our "favorite things", you will probably work out that Debbie has a "thing" about covers :) This is by no means all Zilco do! Please take time to look through some of their products on the website or contact me or your nearest saddlery stockist.


Zilco also sponsor Dressage New Zealand, as the Zilco Musical Accumulator sponsor us riders benefit hugely from a very popular and competitive series throught he yearwith the finals at the Hose of The Year. The top four at the end of the year benefit from a super sponsorship prize pool that is well worth fighting for.

Everyday we wouldn't be without these -


Here on the central platau we experience four seasons, and a large range in temperatures. We have horses that are nothing short of mud larks and love to play, more rfined ones, young hoses, broodmares and at times stallions. So, we have a great range of horses constantly testing rugs and then mother nature tests the rugs too!


Debbie hates dirty horses, well she hates cleaning them she also takes pride in how the horses look at all times and wouldn't sleep at all if she thought any of them were too wet, too cold, too hot, too sweaty, uncomfortable so rugs matter! We don't have lots of time on our hands either so we can't rush around changing rugs during the day or too many rug changes in a season.


We have every option availabl to us with the Zilco range of rugs and we find that the FIT is fantastic and the quality excellent. With a range of prices as well as rug options there is something for everyone. They have a 1 and 2 yr warrenty on several types of rug - not that we have ever needed it.


Cotton rugs - so many uses


We use the Supa-gard and superstop. I have a mixture of combo's and rugs and neck covers. Using these rugs under winter rugs really help keep the horses clean as we can wash them regularly thrught he winter, and during the summer and for travelling I find these rugs perfect for so many reasons. Hard waring, yet with good breathability and excellent protection from harmful sunshine bleaching. they are though enough to stand the rigoursof competiton yards and wash up well to look smart.


Defender Range


I love these rugs for fit and durability. I have every weight from unlined summer waterproof to the heavy winter rug for Luke who feels the cold, and Doris hd the medium and he is a "hot" little mare.


The Comforter is a wonderful stabe rug or travel rug on cold days, and I love that the bedding doesn't stick to it! Fits like a love and the horses always appear to be the right temperature.


The "Doona" is also a faourite, they always look good, and wear well.


Th Defender cotton rugs and hoods are great for shows and presentation rugs and I still have one I bought for Mzungu in 2001!!!






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