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updating the website is always a wonderful thing to do when I have time! But we have 17 horses so time is pretty limited but I didnt think that it was that long ago since I updated WOW 2014!!

So I have completed the Performance Coach Advanced Program and been to Melbourne and Adelaide now with Jess Woods completing her first 4* that really was EXCITING. Lucrative SW made it back from an unexplained lameness and did a year at Grand Prix last year with the highlight being our first CDI at the HOY 2018 and then on to the CDI at Taupo in April. He showed some real potential and we got some very respectible scores, particularly as him being back competing at all was a huge bonus. His lamness has been very dissapointing but thats horses and I have learnt to accept and enjoy the good months

Peter and Doris have stepped up to FEI level and at last Dorid Parkridge Donnamour is a bit more reliable at competitions. She has all her GP work in place at home so just building confidence and strength now

RM Suzie Q and RM Astek Glamerous are the new kids on the block and total opposites so that is good for us humans as it keeps us riding and thinking about what we are doing. They are really staeting to come along now and we are both looking forward to winter 2019 and consolidating and stepping up their work.

Brooke Harris joined the team last year and the wonderfull Fig, these two have worked hard and we are so proud of them they too will step up again during the winter and start getting into serious mode

The winter will have the 3 three year olds step into a slightly more regular work pattern, they are all backed and have been lightly educated in the very basics. We have the best opportunity in NZ to let horses mature in paddocks and on the hills so we do not hurry our 3 yr olds and their 4 yr old year is taken at their speed so competitng is very much dependent on the individuals. Three lovely horses so again LUCKY US

RM Joyride GT JAKE x First Jupp/Crack C

RM Donatella Desperandos x Mc Arther Santa Ana

RM Ja Luv Me DT Jake x RM Prickle

Performance Coach Advanced

June 2014

Debbie has been selected for this programme as part of Sport NZ and Sport Bay of Plenty. "I am so excited about this opportunity as it really will help be identify my strengths and weakenssess and then provide me with many learning opportunities. " The first nutrition workshop was a good insite into living like a high perfomance athlete and with other topics such as ; Performance planning, mental skills, sport injury management, Atlete development,Performance skill acquisition I really hope to be able to grow as a coach particularly in high performance coaching.


Fun time in Melbourne, Australia


June 2014

Jessica Woods was selected to represent NZ in the Young Rider Eventing team competing at Werribee at 2*.  Jess and the whole Woods family are very dedicated and hard working so it was fantastic that Jess was selected after a few unlucky runs leaving her with an injury in February. Her track record stood her in good stead and so Jess and "Trevor" - Defies Logic joined Sarah, Maddie, and Bonnie on the team.

I was thrilled to be asked to go allong and help pre dressage day and on dressage day. I know Jess and Trevor well and Jess rides this very elegant but hot and tricky little horse very well, makes him look easy !!! We do however have to have a system with Trev so we were both thrilled that he did a good test with only moments of tension that didn't escilate. Jess breifly lead at the half way point finishing the day 10th out of 40 setting her up well for xc day. I walked the course twice as it was in the beautiful grounds around Werribee Mansion and the zoo, I honestly would have jumped 2/3 of the fences myself ..... of the 30 or so efforts that they had to jump. Jess made it look easy double clear and Trevor cooled off fast and recovered very well, up to 8th place :) the final day Sj was a bit dissapointing the warm up didnt go quite to Jess's plan and trevor had a uncharateristic 2 rails to finish 12th - best KIWI though. Well done team some amazing talent and some super riding and sportmanship. Sarah conducted herself with maturity and showed true grit after a huge dissapointment on xc - just one of those things!

I didnt see Melbourne - hit the shops pretty hard at the event though!


Cushion Ride North Island Dressage Championships.

Lucrative SW 

Reserve Level 6 Champion and would also have been reserve Level 7 champion if he was allowed to contest both championships. Congratulations to Vanessa and Wendi who I am getting closer to, but not ahead yet - thank you for keeping us honest :) and Tracy and the others who are always pushing hard. Thrilled with my 67%+ in the 6B which I feel is more complex than the PSG. A very solid 65.4% in our first Int 1 together, boy I was a bit rusty, mind you I havn't ridden it since I had Mzungu at that level which would be 5 yrs now.


Congratulations to Abby Lawrence who had a win at the weekend on her lovely young mare Indy RE.  Thre were some great dressage results from my riders at Taupo too so proud of you all and kep the esults comming I will try to keep your sucesses up to date here.


Mikayla Woods is beginning to produce some great work at L5 on Ramsbury an her scores are reflecting this, keep on aiming high the work willbecome more estabilshed and your goals are achievable.




These  beautiful photos were all taken by John and Rhiannon Moss of




They offer a wonderful service of photographing the whole test and its very helpful and there are always great shots.

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