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Are the stars of the past and non equines


A pure bred English Pointer

Pom passed away in 2017 and is buried in the orchard by the house, we still miss him and his energy around the farm but the 5 "wild" cats are not missing him so much

Mzungu "Tom"

This very special super star horse - one in a million

2019 update Tom is really enjoying his retirement witht he Dolley Family Lucarne rode him in young riders very sucessfully and they now have him on their lifestyle block in Cambridge where he continues to be pampered but only when he chooses!

Aachen 11 "Jerry"

Peter rode Jerry to Advanced level until he became unsound at upper level work. He is now the official "Uncle" and baby sits anyone who needs looking after, he is very well and quite happy in his new role.

2019 update Jerry at nearly 22 continues to live in happy retirement and takes looking after the weanlings nearly as seriously as eating.


We are lucky enough to have had some lovely foals and to be breeding in a low key way. We are currently breeding the best potential Dresage horses that we can afford to. We value temprament and type highly and are of course always trying to produce the most mechanically efficient and beautiful movers. We like horses that move through their bodies with swing and ease, and who's conformation will help them perform well with relative ease for many years.


Didi xx produced some lovely foals for us and we have had lots of fun producing and riding those horses. She has one daughter bred prior to us buying her competing at Grand Prix Dressage, two have gone on to be great event horses and we are currently riding two here at home as dressage horses with her last foal due to be broken in during this winter.


2012 McArther Santa Ana (Ruby) and Amarous (Amy) produced two filly foals - Suzie Q RM and Astek Glamerous RM (Suzie and Sophie)

2019 update has RM Suzie Q and RM Astek Glamerous out competing very sucessfully at L3 and L2 they have the following foals coming on behind them

RM Donatella

RM Ja Luv Me

RM Joyride

Astek Queens Council

RM Darwin

RM Fortune

RM Freedom

RM Forty Winx

RM Limbo And RM Let It Be have found wonderful new homes and their new owners are enjoying them hugely

We have two mares in foal again to Fugato SW due at the end of 2019 fingers crossed - happy healthy foals are such a joy


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