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Dunstan Horse Feeds

Dunstan have been our feed of choice  for nearly 14 years now, and they get better and our horses always look fantastic.





We are very lucky to have the support and constant guidance of Dunstan Horse Feeds. My first experience was when I was stuggling to find the right feed and a feed Mzungu would eat. Dunstan were outstanding with their service advice and generosity - and here we are years later and I still find these qualities are still true.

The feed is all manufactured here in New Zealand in an EQUINE ONLY mill. This ensures quality and no chance of contamination from other stock food ingredients. The feed is also manufactured on demand so is the fresh, and again therefore very high quality.


We need to feed Mares, foals, yearlings, young horses, competiton horses from 3yr olds to older top level horses and from time to time visisting horses, stallions and ponies. Dunstan have feeds for every horse at every stage of life and work.


Lucrative SW

Luke is a very good doer, but is also working and training hard and at 8yrs old needs the correct nutrition to develop him as well as fuel him.

He is maintained on Dunstan Maxim, the wonderful low GI feed and beta beet - super fibre low molases beet. Then depending on his work load and time of year and physical condition he has Dunstan Eezy mix for added energy and condition or Dunstan extruded rice.  He and all the others LOVE the Dunstan fibre grow, Breed and grow and that is also used as a "reward" as the nuts are easily handed around and for when his work load demands additional convienient nutrition.

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