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Breeding our pride and joy, and sometimes heartbreak.


Peter and Debbie love breeding and have been doing so fo the last 16 years. As 2019 dawns we have realised that our breeding programe has been pretty sucessful with a very high number of our horses being sucessful competiton horses, as this was always one of our aims we get so much enjoyment from seeing our horses with other riders doing very well.

We aimed to breed horses that were great to work with and compete to the highest level they can achieve. Our first broodmare Didi xx by Famous Star was purchaced to help produce some event horses, but went on to produce some lovely dressage horses too. She proved to have beautiful babies, with the most amazing temprements and trainability. Every one has exceptional work ethic and are loose through their bodies. She had 7 foals for us between 2002 and 2011.

Of her 7 foals Bree Van De Camp, RM Limbo and RM Let it be were very sucessful event horses, and her grand daughter Rm All About Me has reached FEI level in the dressage arena and a very sucessful FEI YR horse, she show huge potential for upper level work and look forward to seeing her in the Grand Prix arena soon

More about her progeny below.

Below from top left - Elle, Limbo, then bottom left Acorn and then Limbo all grown up!

After Didi we Imported McArther Santa Ana "Ruby" from Australia and bought the stunning RM Prickle from A station in Gisbourne to continue to breed dressage horses - we know of course have too many horses!

RM Limbo

RM LIMBO Time out this L4 Dressage champion is eventing now as well - loves to jump

RM Suzie Q


RM Astek Glamerous


RM Let it be

RM Let it be

RM Dexter

RM DEXTER Me again

RM Suzie Q and RM Astek Glamerous

Summer scratch with BFF and the Dunstan Horse Feeds shimmer Suzie and Sophie

RM Dexter

Coming to say hi

RM Dexter

Looking cute

RM Dexter


RM Dexter

Getting the hang of grazing

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